17 facts about recycling in Australia you should know

17 facts about recycling in Australia

Recycling is great, that is something everyone can agree on, especially if you are using a skip bin hire to help you manage the waste for the recycling process. Besides helping the environment, recycling can help to save space in your skip bin hire which means more time and money can be saved.

Recycling is the process of gathering and processing materials that can be turned into new products rather than thrown away as a thrash. Therefore if you’d like to have a big clean out of your property, categorizing your waste into two types: Recyclable and Non-recyclable will make it easier for you.  

In Australia, especially in Perth, recycling has started to gain awareness which mostly came from the housing complex and then followed by many businesses. That’s why many recycling service Perth company has acquired many new customers in the past few years. With that in mind, here are some interesting facts about recycling in Australia.

What you should know about recycling in Australia

– Australia is one of the highest countries in the world that produce waste generation per capita, with the average Australian household producing approximately 400 kilograms of waste per year.

– 2008 is the year of recycling awareness-raising in Australia, as the world’s #1 recycler of newspapers.

– 2/3 of all waste that was sent to the landfill are food organics.

– In the landfill, greenhouse gas known as methane is formed from the organic materials through the decomposing process. It is 25 times higher than carbon dioxide in terms of global warming potential.

– The amount of energy uses to produce one aluminium can from raw materials is equal to 20 cans produced from recycled materials.

– By saving energy by utilising the recycling process on an aluminium can, it can run a television for 3 hours

– Each week, 17.5 million steel cans are recycled which is enough to build 900 cars.

– With every tonne of recycled newspaper, it will save 3 cubic metres of landfill space.

– The production of greenhouse gases will be reduced by one kilogram by recycling one kilogram of paper or cardboard.

– Australian on average uses 376,000 tonnes of plastic packaging each year.

– The plastic bottle is one of the materials that require a long time to break down in a landfill, it would take up to 500 years. 

– One recycled plastic bottle equal to 25 minutes of power for a computer.

– Glass material is the easiest to be recycled which can be used an infinite number of times.

– The winner for the longest-lasting man-made materials to decompose is Glass, which will take anywhere between 4000 to 1 million years.

– The most common form of hazardous waste sent to landfills is the battery. 2/3 of 250 million batteries purchased each year is sent to the landfill.

– Most people didn’t realize that the nickel from batteries can be recycled into stainless steel.

– That means the electronic type of waste produces up to 3 times that of normal household waste production.


The facts above are something to keep in mind when whenever we have some things that will be thrown away, it would best to recycle them. By doing so we are helping to build a better environment for future generations. For everything that you can’t recycle, you can use a mini skip rubbish removal Perth!

Thank you for reading!

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