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How To Hire a Skip Bin at 1300 Skip Bin Hire?

The Best Provider of Perth Bin Hire

At 1300 Skip Bin Hire, our team of professional and a range of skip bins Perth have been providing the best of services of skip bins in Perth for over a decade. On-time delivery and pick-up with affordable prices of Perth skip bins are amongst some of our notable services. Servicing for many homeowners and businesses in the Perth area, we are a proud local company that always deliver what we promised for your satisfaction.

With several fleets of a truck that ready to go anytime to deliver and pick up the skip bins in the Perth area, allow us to provide you with the same-day skip hire services that operate any day from Monday to Sunday for the residents and businesses in Perth and all of its suburbs.

With a variety of skip bin sizes and type, you as our customers can rest assured that the right size and type of skip bin will be delivered based on your needs and requirements. Our team of professional Perth rubbish removal and skip bin service will always ready to help you.

From residential to industrial or commercial area, our selection of cheap skip bins in Perth and a team of professional Perth rubbish removal will get the jobs done without extra charge for any last-minute bookings. Professionalism, efficient and affordable will always be the main virtues that we deliver to all of our customers


The Sizes of Skip Bin Hire Perth

Best value guarantee on all of our coastal waste bins for residential and commercial use.


Best for Residential Use Ramp included Equivalent to 8 wheelie bins


Best for Residential Use Ramp included Equivalent to 12 wheelie bins


Best for Residential Use Ramp included Equivalent to 16 wheelie bins


Best for Industrial Use Ramp included Equivalent to 24 wheelie bins


Best for Industrial Use Ramp included Equivalent to 32 wheelie bins


Best for Industrial Use Ramp included Equivalent to 40 wheelie bins

How to Hire Coastal Waste Bins?

Over time our customers loved the easy process of hiring the coastal skips using our instant skip bin booking system. With only 4 steps to follow, you will receive the best value of instant skip bins on the chosen date without any delay on delivery and pick-up. However, if you prefer a direct approach with our customer service team, no problem, you can reach us at 0895929420 and let us discuss what skip bin size that you need and for what purposes. Best value guarantee on all of our quotes

skip bin waste types

The quoted price on the booking system is including the use of the skip bin hire for a minimum of 7 days for any type of waste management project you are dealing with in Perth. However, we advise not to overfill the Perth bin hire and organize the wastes that have been put inside properly.

Once the Perth bin hire is full, you can always call us to have the bins collected, otherwise, you can always wait for our team to pick it up on the 7th day. Please note, if by the 7th day the skip hire is not ready to be collected by our team, we will inform you of the extra charge per day.

Our professional rubbish removal team are ready to give you the best of services even during the public holidays. Therefore, when it comes to hiring the best of skip bin hire in Perth, 1300 Skip Bin Hire at your service

Dependable Service of Rubbish Removal Perth

Dealing with any type of waste removal in Perth is a daily activity for our professional and friendly team which include hazardous rubbish such as asbestos and dangerous chemicals. A proper guideline following Perth’s government regulations implemented on all of our skip hire services and educating all of our customers regarding it for a smooth process during the skip bins collection.

We at 1300 Skip Bin Hire, take the sustainability of the environment on a high responsibility. Therefore, you can rest assured that any waste that can be recycled will be prioritized to go to the local recycling centre and the rest; as minimum as possible; will be disposed to the landfill facilities.

By hiring our range of skip bins in Perth not only you are adhering to the rules and regulations of Australia’s Department of Environment but also helping to create a better environment for the future generation

How Much to Hire Skip Bins Perth? $165

The best value guarantee is our testament to our services of skip bins in Perth. We will not send you a quotation that seems too pricey or unreasonable because all of our skip bin prices have been calculated based on every factor, starting from $165 for 7 days.

Discounts? Absolutely! For hiring several skip bins or if you are a senior citizen of Perth a significant discount definitely available. You can always mention this to our customer service team.

At 1300 Skip Bin Hire, not only we offer the best services of skip bins in Perth that you can find but also the professionalism on properly managing the rubbish removal in Perth.

1300 Skip Bin Hire Area of Services

Coastal Skip Bin Hire is a proven local company in Perth. Servicing the residents and business owners of Perth for more than a decade. Our range of skip bins and a team of professional Perth rubbish removal are available across the entire Perth suburbs from the Northern Suburbs; Yanchep to Joondalup; to the Southern Suburbs; Fremantle and Armadale.

With numbers of trucks and dozens of rubbish skip hire, prompt delivery is always ready for you. For detailed info on our area of services please check the link below.


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I found out about 1300 Skip Bin Hire after looking for the skip bins in Perth in Google search to manage the piling waste that have been lying on my backyard for quite some times.

Looking at their years of reputation without hesitation I decided to give a shot on their easy-to-use booking system. Booked a skip bin for the next day, the team delivered it right on time as mentioned at 09:15 am, I was a bit of shocked by their on-time delivery and the team prompt on-site services where they recommend me to place the bin on the backyard instead of the usual in front of the house because it will be easier for me to collect all of the waste on the backyard as well as from inside the house. Thank you for the warm services glad I’d chosen you guys.


Christine H
Rockingham Resident

A friend of mine recommended 1300 Skip Bin Hire to manage the waste accumulated from my house renovation project. At that time I was thinking a mini skip bin hire of 2m3 was enough, which turns out it didn’t because apparently, the wastes accumulated much bigger than what I am expected. Called them again on the same day, they delivered the second bin with the size of 4m3 just 30 minutes after I hung up the phone. Story short, the bins now more than enough to manage all of the waste and I am happy with the prompt response of the team. Thank you.


Jeniffer T
Mandurah Resident