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With the increasing population growth as well as demand for housing and commercial spaces, the rise of a high-quality rubbish removal Fremantle service is needed. Here at 1300 Skip Bin Hire, we are able to provide skip bins Fremantle for every sector, whether it’s for residential, industrial or commercial use. Our range of skip hire Fremantle is ready to manage all of the waste. Reach us now to book our skip bins Freemantle.

Our Skip Bins Fremantle Fleet

Our skip bins Fremantle come in many sizes so they are perfect for any kind of project and can be used in anywhere in the Fremantle area. Ranging from the relatively small size of 2m3 (mini skip bin hire Fremantle) to the biggest size of 10m3 which the same size as 12 trailer loads.

Every rubbish removal Fremantle project has different requirements on how to manage their waste and which skip bins Fremantle should be used. If you need a skip hire Fremantle to manage all of your daily household waste, use our residential skip bin hire category which includes the frequently used mini skip bin hire Fremantle (2m3). Waste like green waste, renovation waste, old furniture and much more can be easily placed in mini skip bin hire Fremantle.

skip bins Fremantle | skip hire Fremantle | mini skip bin hire Fremantle | rubbish removal Fremantle
Rubbish removal Fremantle

For industrial or commercial work, it is more common for larger sizes to be used. Hook lift skip bins are often seen in the work site which falls into commercial skip bin hire category. Starting from the 6m3 and ranging to 10m3, this type of skip bin can manage any waste from building or construction projects, demolition projects, office de-fits and much more.

Is there a weight limit that can be put in a skip hire Fremantle?

Depends on the rubbish removal Fremantle company policy but usually, there’s no weight limit on a skip bin hire Fremantle, as long as all of the accumulated wastes can fit inside the bin, it is fine and you won’t be charged extra. However, please note that try not to overfill the skip bins Fremantle because the overfill skip sometimes can slow the bin collection process due. So, it’s best if you can do a simple self calculation for the wastes that you want to be disposed of before hiring the skip from a rubbish removal Fremantle services.

What materials that I can put in the skip bins Fremantle?

Following the regulations from the Australian Government on Reducing Waste program, not all type of waste can be put inside the skip bins Fremantle. Therefore, even if you already hired a skip you can’t just put anything inside it without taking notice on certain materials that are not allowed. With that in mind, here’s a handy guide on the materials that can and can not be put in a skip:

Type of waste material that can be put in a skip hire Fremantle:

  1. Bricks, rubble, and wood.
  2. Old furniture.
  3. Furnishings and non-electrical fittings.
  4. Plastics because can be recycled easily.
  5. Cardboard.
  6. Solidified paints.
  7. Soil.
  8. Leaves, branches, and metal.

Type of waste material that can not be put in a skip hire Fremantle:

  1. Asbestos
  2. Batteries
  3. Clinical or medical waste, syringes included
  4. Electrical equipment & appliances
  5. Fluorescent tubes
  6. Gas canisters and gas bottles
  7. Hazardous & toxic materials
  8. Liquids
  9. Oil, petrol, diesel

Depends on each of rubbish removal Fremantle services policy, if these materials found inside your hired skips most likely you will be charged extra for it. For more detailed info you can contact our team at 0895929420

Why Choose Skip Bin Hire Fremantle from 1300 Skip Bin Hire?

Our team are professionals in the rubbish removal Fremantle industry, and we have been providing the resident of Fremantle for over a decade with excellent services. Not to mention that our range of skip bins Fremantle can manage any kind of a waste for any type of project that you may be having at the moment or in the near future. Additionally, we offer highly competitive prices and on-time delivery for any skip bins Fremantle hired.

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What are you waiting for?! The waste that has been piling at your backyard or worksite is waiting to be sorted out. Only one way to manage it by hiring our skip bin hire Fremantle via our instant skip bin hire booking system or a phone call at.

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