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Wangara is a light industrial suburb of Perth and one of the busiest industrial regions in the Western Australian capital. We have several cheap skip bins for you if you’re looking for industrial waste management solutions in Wangara.

Skip bin hire Wangara comes in a wide variety of sizes and shapes, from the smallest 3m3 skip bins for small projects to the largest 10m3 skip bins for major projects. If you need assistance choosing the right skip, our professional waste management team can help.

Our goal at 1300 Skip Bin Hire is to provide instant skip bins in Perth and a service that is fast, affordable, hassle-free and affordable. So call us today for your free quote.

How Big Should My Skip Bin Hire in Wangara Be?

There are a variety of skip bin sizes available to suit your waste removal needs. Skip Bin Hire Wangara has bin hire options starting at 2m3 and extending up to 10m3. There are several skip bin Wangara sizes in between, so you’re guaranteed to find the right size.

Smaller bins are usually used for cleaning up around the house or office, as well as to discard old furniture or garden waste. Typically, you’ll see these waste bins on the verge. They are built in the Morrel style and cannot be loaded from the front, only from above. Compared to smaller containers, larger ones are typically used for construction, demolition, and industrial waste. These doors feature a hook lift design and can be opened from the front.

We will transport all rubbish collected from our bin hire in Wangara to the nearest waste transfer station. At least 75 per cent of it will be repurposed or recycled.

Is There a Weight Limit for Skip Bin Hire Wangara?

Our Wangara bin hire doesn’t have a weight limit, so as long as all of your waste can fit inside the bin, you won’t need to pay extra. You should not overfill the skip bins in Wangara since a full skip can sometimes slow down the bin collection process. Before hiring a skip from a rubbish removal service in Wangara, you should calculate the amount of waste that needs to be disposed of.

Can I Put Anything in the Skip Bins in Wangara?

Our skip bins in Wangara that we offer are versatile and highly durable. Therefore, you can rest assured that any waste accumulated inside the bins will be collected and processed efficiently. Some items cannot be placed inside our skip bin hire Wangara, so please refer to the list below.

The following types of waste can be disposed of in our commercial and industrial bins:

  1. Cardboard and paper
  2. Metals including copper, aluminium, steel etc
  3. Plastics and polymers
  4. Waste generated during construction
  5. Dirt, bricks, and concrete
  6. Glass

Wangara skip bins cannot be filled with the following types of waste:

  1. Food waste and other putrescible waste
  2. Asbestos
  3. Waste that could be hazardous
  4. Any type of insulation material
  5. Paints, oils, chemicals and other liquids
  6. Bottles of gas
  7. Empty containers of chemical substances

Green Waste Removal in Wangara

Many Wangara businesses are also likely to deal with green waste removal. Letting green waste can be hazardous to the health of your staff and customers as it decomposes, so it is important to have a waste management strategy. Our Wangara skip bin services are an affordable and effective way to manage your green waste and it will be repurposed into new materials like fertiliser and mulch, which is great for the environment.

Skip Bins For All Your Industrial Needs

Skip bins are available for hire in Wangara for a variety of businesses, including builders, renovators, landscapers, roofers, shopfitters, and more. Our team is proud to have built relationships with companies from a variety of sectors, and we are the go-to skip hire company in Wangara for numerous industrial businesses.

Contact us today at (08) 6377 9660 if you need industrial skip bins in Wangara. Our friendly and experienced staff can advise you on the best skip bin for your needs and even offer you a free quote.

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