Garden Waste Removal and Disposal Tips


Planning adequately for garden waste removal is vital since it can sometimes become challenging to properly manage and dispose of the garden waste. Garden renovation requires careful removing, replanting, and rearranging of the various plants found in the garden. During the garden renovation, it’s vital to consider the different green waste removal methods, including composting, recycling, or hiring a skip bin to ensure that you manage and dispose of all the green waste properly. If you need a local green bin or skip bin hire, you can reach out to 1300 Skip Bin Hire company. Rent a skip bin from our friendly team ready to dispose of your garden waste responsibly and efficiently.

What you need for garden waste removal

Some of the items you require for garden waste removal include lawnmowers, garden rakes, gloves, dustbins, rubbish pickers, weed eater, leaf blowers, hand trowels and spades, and loppers pruning shears,  weed eater, dust bins, broom, and dustpan.

How to get rid of large amounts of garden waste

Separate your garden waste

Before choosing a way to dispose of garden waste, it’s vital to ensure that you separate your waste first. It would help if you also remembered that not all waste is recyclable and decomposable. 

Reuse or recycle

It’s vital to remember that disposing of or getting rid of recyclable items in your garden is not an advisable strategy. You can reuse trees and tree branches again to make DIY colourful and decorative items, including wreaths. 

What you can put in the skip bin for green waste collection

At times your backyard projects might require a green waste wheelie or garden bin to dispose of the debris. However, for bigger gardening tasks, including landscaping your garden or pruning your trees, you may need to hire the services of a skip bin or garden bin for the garden or green waste removal. 

You can dispose of the following when you skip bin hire service. This includes:

  1. Yard and shrub clippings
  2. Grass clippings
  3. Tree branches, cuttings, twigs, and bark
  4. Woodchips and wood
  5. Trees and palm fronds

Green waste collection service in Perth

1300 Skip Bin Hire company is a reliable skip bin hire company that you can trust with an extensive range of services, including garden waste removal and offering a wide selection of skip bin sizes to cater to the client’s needs. If you need green waste removal or garden junk removal services, contact our friendly technical team, who will provide you with detailed information about the various skip bin sizes, booking, and other services, including green waste disposal services. Whether cleaning the garden, renovating the kitchen, or decluttering the house, hiring a skip bin will make the job more manageable. 

If you are searching for reliable and affordable” garden waste disposal near me,” look no further since 1300 Skip Bin Hire will clean out the garden and ensure that your green or garden waste is collected efficiently and effectively. We have an extensive range of skip bin sizes to help manage and collect all the green waste from your garden or backyard.  Feel free to contact our friendly team via (08) 6377 9660 to book a skip bin now.

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