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Stock disposal services | secure destruction service

You have products or documents that highly sensitive or confidential that needs to be destroyed in the most safely and securely as possible? Our stock disposal services are here to help you to handle the job in a professional manner.

We understand that in disposing of certain sensitive items, not only swift actions needed but also the feeling of safeness, that’s why a Certificate of Destruction will always be produced when we do the stock disposal services for all the important products or documents that destroyed. Additionally, we can provide a video recording of secure destruction with a representative from your side as a witness. For more info, you can reach us directly below.

Type of item for secure destruction service

Our team of professional and disposal machinery can securely dispose of any kind of material from metals, plastics, fabrics, ceramics and liquids – plus paper. Therefore, here’s the comprehensive list of our secure destruction service can work on:

  1. Faulty products that can’t be sold
  2. The excess stock that out of date
  3. Obsolete equipments/tools
  4. Illegal or counterfeit items such as tobacco, sunglasses, fake designer clothes and accessories, textiles, and toys.
  5. Confidential items/documents such as uniforms, ID cards, security badges, hard drives, USB drives, CD’s, DVD’s, PC’s, notebooks, iPads, laptops, printers, cassette, videotapes, phones, webcams, bank cards and credit cards
  6. Unused or old electronic equipment such as TVs, monitors, computer equipment, electronic consumer goods, laptops, printers, phones and cables. 

Rest assured, all items or products listed above will safely and securely dispose of. We will provide you with the video recording and official certification of destruction, as the evidence.

Why use our secure destruction service?

At 1300 Skip Bin Hire, your confidential is guarantee safely secured which will leave you with stress-free on our secure destruction service. Flexibility and affordable prices are some of our stock disposal services best virtue. Secure shredding, secure destruction and confidential disposal are what our team do best, therefore, look no further if you are looking for a “secure destruction service near me” because we are more than capable to give you the best and secure service. Reach our team to find out more about our services.

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