Top Tips to Load Your Skip Bin & Save Money

When booking a mini skip bin hire Perth, you will probably go on the internet, type in “Skip bin hire near me” choose the standard size skip bin and just throw away all the rubbish that has accumulated in your home, office, garden or garage. However there are certain things you need to take into consideration to meet the regulations imposed on rubbish removal Perth companies. This includes knowing what you can and cannot throw into a skip bin, where to place your skip bin and ensuring you do not over load your skip bin.

Check out our top tips below to help you maximise space and save money when you you next book your mini skip bin hire Perth:

What you cannot throw away

Most rubbish removal Perth firms will not take vehicle batteries, toxic chemicals, liquid paints and asbestos. You cannot also throw away bricks, sand, soil, concrete, pavers, tiles, rubble, dug up lawn and tyres.

Sort Your Rubbish

To ensure you make the post of the space on your skip bin, sort through the items you wish to dispose of and see if you cannot sell, donate or give away the items first. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Some of your items may be in good condition and donating furniture or functioning white goods is not only a good deed, but will also save you space in your dumpster hire Perth.

Although you might place recyclables in your bin, you might be better of throwing paper, cardboard and plastics in your own home recycling bin instead.

Break things up

You will no doubt have plenty of large and bulky objects to throw away and it is these items that takes up the most space in your skip bin. Old tabletops, tradie benches and garden landscape trimmings can quickly fill up your skip bin and leave little room for the rest of your items.

Thankfully, some things will certainly crush easily, offering you plenty of additional space. Ideally, eliminate any legs or arms from harmed furnishings and dissemble broken-down appliances.  Make use of empty containers, cupboards, draws, boxes by filling them with rubbish too before you put the whole thing in the skip bin. Furthermore, you want to distribute the weight of the skip as uniformly as possible to lower the risk of tipping. Make sure you do not place all your heavy materials on one side and light materials on the other.

Do not try to crush things with your feet, especially if the rubbish is already in the skip bin.This is dangerous and you could risk serious injury.

Load Like You’re Playing Tetris

In the game of Tetris, your objective is to take a variety of pieces and make them fit perfectly. Likewise, you can use exactly the same method to load the rubbish in your skip bin ensuring you make use of all available space. If you have any kind of items that sit flat, such as wood or sheet metal, place them down first. Next off add in your more bulkier, larger products and then place the smaller, lighter things in between your heavier items.

Do not overfill your container

When you follow the tips mentioned above, you can fill up every last centimetre of your skip bin without overfilling it. Of course if you feel the job might be too large for your skip bin, you should always consider upgrading to a bigger size. This will be better than paying out for an additional skip bin.

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