4 Simple Daily Recycling Tips

4 Simple Daily Recycling Tips

Wondering what you should do with the piling plastic bottles in your waste bin? Or what about the unused cardboard boxes that pile inside your garage? There’s no denying the benefits of recycling and reusing and we all know that they are great ways to help keep the environment clean, conserve natural resources, and cut down on pollution all the while benefiting the economy. 

However, did you know that according to the 2017-2018 WWF data, only about 9.4% of the 3.4 million tonnes of plastics accumulated in Australia were recycled? By doing our part and recycling at home, we can help to increase this number so that it will create a better environment for future generations. 

Here are some daily recycling tips you can do at home:

Make a list of items that can be recycled

Make a list of items that can be recycled

There are plenty of items that can be recycled but not everyone is fully aware of them, resulting in unorganised waste that ends up mostly going to the landfills instead of the local recycling centre. Here are some of the recyclable waste that is commonly found around the home:

  1. Newspapers or any kind of paper
  2. Cardboard boxes 
  3. Plastic utensils and plastic bottles
  4. Glass of any kind
  5. Aluminium cans, food cans and paint cans
  6. Electronic goods: smartphones, computers, printers, etc

Organise a specific bin to manage recyclable waste

After you understand the many kinds of recyclable waste at home, it’s time to sort it out and manage it in one place (typically a bin). Separating the recyclable waste from the rest will make it easier for you to identify each of the waste types and later send it to the local recycling centre. If you have too much waste for your council bin, you can organise a skip bin hire Perth from a reputable provider such as 1300 Skip Bin Hire because not only will they provide you with high-quality skip bins but they will also collect them and send it to the local recycling centre accordingly. You can reach the team of 1300 Skip Bin Hire below for more info.

Donate items to be reused by others

If you have unused or old clothes and shoes, you can easily donate them instead of throwing them away. These items are not recyclable but can still be reused by others that need them. Additionally, chances are that you have unused home appliances that are still in good condition stored away in your cupboards or garage. So why not donate them to the local charity centre? It will certainly be useful for others.

Reduce the daily waste generation

In our daily life, we can’t afford to generate waste because that’s part of modern life. However, what we can do is reduce our impact little by little. There are plenty of ways to reduce your daily waste generation including:

  1. When shopping for groceries, bring your reusable bags instead of purchasing new ones.
  2. Bring a stainless-steel reusable water bottle instead of buying plastic ones.
  3. Use a reusable food container to bring your lunch to work.
  4. Try repairing broken electronics because instead of throwing them away
  5. Opt for a reusable bottle of shampoo and soap which can be refilled later.

Make these simple changes today!

By following the mantra of reducing, reusing, and then recycling, we can shape the environment of the future into a better one. By implementing these changes at home ourselves, we will raise awareness significantly amongst the community.

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