Practical Junk Removal Tips

junk removal perth tips

We live in a disposable world and Perth households are producing more waste than ever. That makes the need for junk removal in Perth all the more necessary and there are many options at your disposal.

Perth bin hire is the easiest way to get rid of bulk waste quickly and efficiently, but there are other options available including:

You can take it to the tip

The traditional method of junk removal in Perth has always been to take it to the dump. But landfills are getting more and more full and toxic materials are leaching into the earth which is causing major problems for the environment.

Dump runs cost you time, money and labour and it is the least effective method of junk removal in Perth.

Recycling is good for the environment

Rather than taking waste to the tip or just throwing it out in the trash, recycling is the preferred option. We live in a world where sustainability is important and landfills are causing big problems for our ground soil and water supplies.

A large percentage of your waste can be repurposed or recycled, so taking it to a recycling depot is a responsible solution. We understand that a lot of people don’t have time to carry all their waste to the tip or a recycling centre.

When you hire a skip bin for your junk removal in Perth, the waste will be sorted and a large portion will be recycled. Perth bin hire is the easiest way to be responsible and get rid of your trash in a simple and affordable way as well.

Donate goods that still have life

When you upgrade your furniture, appliances and other technology in the household, many of the items you are replacing still have plenty of use. It makes little sense to throw these items out if they can still be used by others.

Donating to charity means these items can be sold in op shops or given to people in need. Many charity organisations will come and collect these items as well, saving you time and hassle.

Perth bin hire ticks every box

When you are looking for a reliable, simple and responsible method of junk removal in Perth, there is no better option than hiring a skip bin.

You can get mini skip bins for garden cleanups through to industrial options for home renovations, large-scale cleanups or commercial waste management.

If you are looking for the best skip bin hire Perth prices, look no further than 1300 Skip Bin Hire. We provide reliable skip bins in Joondalup and all surrounding suburbs at the most affordable rates. Call us today on (08) 63779660 to book your Perth bin hire.

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