Hiring a Skip Bin vs Trip to the Tip

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Hiring a skip bin VS trip to the tip

The dreaded rubbish that is created from a renovating project, spring clean up or a yard clean up can usually be hard to manage yourself. The trip to the Midland tip or multiple trips depending on the size of rubbish that you have can become quite costly. Once you have added the cost of the trailer hire and fuel for the trip to the tip, you usually start searching for a rubbish removal Perth company. Now, before you start your search, you must contact 1300 Skip Bin Hire. We have been involved in the waste removal Perth industry for over ten years, will offer you top class service and value for your money. Being a local family-owned and operated business, customer satisfaction is a priority. When it comes to Perth skip bin hire, 1300 Skip Bin Hire makes finding the cheapest price easy. Below we have highlighted a few of the more common questions you may have regarding the hire of rubbish bins Perth.

What type of rubbish can you put in the bin?

Identifying the waste you have to load into a skip bin it’s quite straightforward. You can use this guide to help you understand what rubbish can be put in a skip.

1. Rubbish/waste can generally be broken up into four categories:

2. General waste – this skip is used for light domestic and commercial waste such as household items, office furniture, appliances, cardboard etc.

3. Mixed heavy waste – this skip is usually used for the waste that is generated by a renovation or demolition project. Bricks, tiles, timber and metal are some of the rubbish that can be put into this skip.

4. Green waste – this skip is used for green garden waste. Leaves, weeds, shrubs, grass clippings, twigs etc.

5. Soil/Dirt – this skip is strictly 100% sand and soil only.

How to book rubbish removal service Perth?

Booking the services of a waste management Perth company shouldn’t be complicated or hard, with 4 easy steps instant skip bin hire booking system, we have made the booking process hassle-free. To book your rubbish bins Perth all you need to do is:

  1. Enter your postcode
  2. Choose the waste type
  3. Choose the skip bin size
  4. Enter the dates that you require the bin for

Once submitted, your booking is accepted, and you will receive your bin according to your requirements. It couldn’t be any simpler. If you do have questions, the team at 1300 Skip Bin Hire will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have regarding rubbish removal Perth.

How much does a rubbish skip cost?

1300 Skip Bin Hire has researched the waste management companies in Perth and ensured you get the best rates for your skip hire. The below should give you an idea of skip bin hire Perth prices for different skip bin sizes.

  1. 2 cubic meter starts from $170
  2. 3 cubic meter starts from $220
  3. 4 cubic meter starts from $250
  4. 6 cubic meter starts from $450

Why choose 1300 Skip Bin Hire?

When it comes to rubbish removal Perth, the friendly team at 1300 Skip Bin Hire has you covered. Before you go searching for a skip bin hire near me, you can’t go past our services, as our easy to use booking website and professional service make booking a skip bin quick and hassle-free. We take environmental responsibility very seriously and use the best technology and systems to ensure only minimal waste ends up in a landfill. We work with the National Waste Policy and the majority of the waste is recycled.

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